• Calling days and hours of the governing body of the National Bank of Moldova for citizens.

  • Octavian Armașu, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    1st Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606;

  • Vladimir Munteanu, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    2nd Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606;

  • Cristina Harea, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    3rd Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 607;

  • Ion Sturzu, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    4th Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 607.

Please, note the requirements for receiving and examining petitions to the National Bank of Moldova !



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