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    2nd Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

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NBM strengthens its banking supervision capacities and urges interested persons to apply for job competitions



The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) aims to strengthen its institutional capacities in the mentioned field, to ensure a continuous development of banking supervision in order to respond to the challenges of the external environment and prevent situations of vulnerability in the banking sector.

"After the approval of a robust regulatory and supervisory framework for banks, starting with 2018, the NBM has been making increased efforts to ensure its efficient and uniform implementation. As all reforms imply the involvement of human resources, the structure of the Banking Supervision Department has been developed by restructuring processes, defining responsibilities more clearly, and streamlining reporting lines", says Constantin Șchendra, the NBM Deputy Governor, who is responsible for this field within the central bank.

Thus, the NBM encourages the community of specialists with experience in the economic field, interested in professional development, but also willing to come with a personal contribution in ensuring the stability of the banking sector to apply for participation in job competitions announced on its official website, as well as on relevant social media pages.

Diversity is encouraged within the NBM, therefore, people without work experience, but with high economic education and great professional interest, can apply for vacancies that do not have specific experience requirements.

To get closer to those interested, the National Bank of Moldova organizes an online event on 12 April 2022, starting with 10.00 AM, where participants will discover the field of banking supervision within the NBM, having a direct dialogue with the representatives of the central bank. Interested persons should fill in the application form ( https://bit.ly/3HXEGVz ) and will receive the connection link by e-mail.

For 2022, the National Bank of Moldova has set six priorities in banking supervision.

The event will also be available live on:

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